1. One mic. One poem. For every extra poem you read there’s someone that doesn’t get the same opportunity. Please give courtesy and respect to the mic and audience.

2. Five minutes max per person. We want to make sure everyone has a chance.

3. No musical instruments. This is a space for writers and word lovers to call their own. Beat boxing is cool. Any sound you can do with your body while sharing your words is dope.

4. No hate speeches. No further discussion.

5. We do not censor our performers. If you feel that your work can trigger a traumatic memory we ask that you add a warning before your piece.

6. We allow 10-12 wordsmiths to sign up. Each person that signs up is entered into a drawing to win a prize at the end of the night. #worldoftrade

7. Original work only. We understand how inspiring other writers can be, but please only bring your own words to the stage.  

8. We have a feature every month. This a special talented someone that is active in their community with a style that is original, authentic, and inspiring.

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